Baby Sweet Dreams Face & Body Lotion
Baby Sweet Dreams Face & Body Lotion

Baby Sweet Dreams Face & Body Lotion

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Children are great bundles of joy but sometimes they need help calming down. Komokoco’s Sweet Dreams sophisticated blend gives your child a gentle nudge.

Ingredients:   Essential Oils Orange Sweet, Mandarin, Vitamins E, A & D Grape Seed Oil, Omega 6 & 9, and Other Natural-Organic Ingredients.

Benefits:  Promotes a natural sleep pattern. 

  • Orange Sweet - Uplifting, relieves stress and anxiety, helps with colic on babies and helps sooth headaches and reduces fever.
  • Mandarin - Intended to promote calmness and a sense of well being.

How To Use:  Apply a small amount of oil to the palm of your hand, rub palms together to warm the oil, and smooth over entire body or just on the temples back and chest right before bed time. If used everyday, discontinue use after 6 weeks, wait 2 weeks and start using again. *This will prevent your child to become immune to the essential oils.

Size: 4 oz