About Us

I pleasantly welcome you all to Latina Empower. Some of you might have previously known me as Life Scars.  Through Life Scars, I was able to start my journey as motivational speaker sharing my story as a burn survivor.  I had the blessing and opportunity to reach out to millions of people through social media and my previous blog. For various reasons, I made the choice to start all over again with a new name; Latina Empower.

Some people believe the change might be a mistake, that I'm losing so much starting over, but I don't fear change and I don't regret my decision at all. I believe everything happens for a reason. Changes help us evolve and make us see life and situations through a new perspective with fresh eyes.

On this website I will be sharing and expressing with honesty, love, respect and with an open mind, my experiences (struggles included), life lessons, and thoughts on several subjects.  Also, you will have access to my existing personal brands, collaborations, and other projects that I'm developing.  

I hope you enjoy the content on my blog, but mostly, I hope and pray to have the blessing on planting a seed of self-love, a positive mindset, acceptance, and faith into your life.