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Money or Love?

Whenever you see yourself sacrificing those valuable points in your life, it is time to sit down and meditate on your priorities and ask yourself if the sacrifice is really worth it. I'm not sugar-coated, nobody is perfect, we all have different beliefs, wants, and priorities. This is why we all do what we feel is best for ourselves and what makes us happy.

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Our Authenticity

Make the time to dig deep to find what you like and don't like, to revise those dreams and actually turn them into a reality in your life. Make the effort to accept yourself for who you are with all the good, the bad, and the ugly. The moment you accept and embrace yourself fully is the moment those around you will do the same. You'll see that the people you really need in your life, will value you and respect you more than you can even comprehend.

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Fear of Change

When you surround yourself with love and positive energy, your mind will begin resetting itself and you will experience life through a positive outlook and live with gratitude. You will feel capable of taking on new challenges in life, you might still be nervous about those changes, but you will be unstoppable because you will believe in yourself.

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